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Izakayamy home

Address 510-6 Orido, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Business hours from 17:30 to 0:00

Regular holiday Monday

Phone number 054-336-2124

Total number of seats 64 seats (maximum banquet 32 people)

(Reserved banquet for 40 people up to 60 people)

​5 parking lots

クレジットロゴ paypay.jpg

There are various types of seats in the store.
couples and friends,
Families and individuals
It is a space where everyone can be satisfied.

Because the robot will bring the food
​ Children are also very satisfied! !

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There are various seats such as table seats, counter seats, and tatami mat seats.

The middle tatami room can be used as a through-hole, so it can be used for large parties.

Banquet up to 32 people OK
​Reserved banquet for 40 to 60 people possible

tatami room

Perfect for spending time with like-minded friends in a crowd of people. Sometimes it is also a space where you can enjoy cooking while talking slowly.


mini tatami room

The kindness and warmth of wood. We are proud of the comfort that makes you want to talk with your loved ones forever.

table seats

A moderately private space that emphasizes the feeling of a private room.

Enjoy a relaxing time with your loved ones while savoring the food.


counter seats

There is the pleasure of slowly savoring food and alcohol.

For those who want to spend a little luxurious time.

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